A dream as a visitor in a new land (from Craig’s Journal)

landscape photography of waterfalls surrounded by green leafed plants

I  was a visitor in a new land.  This land that I was in was actually quite old.  It was tropical  and there was no materialism at least not in the way that we normally experience. There was no television, no expensive items, no cars, no planes, just the people and the land and the a struggle to survive in a way that I was not used to. I can still see the trees and the edge of the land that was being met by water that was vast and choppy and seemed impossible to cross.  I found it quite interesting, the vast difference between it and our world.  I was talking to a friend of mine who also found himself there, but he was no longer a visitor like me.  He was living there on a more permenant basis, even though he was from where I was from.  He seemed to not have a means of returning to the land where we are from which is this world where we are now.  I was explaining the differences that I noticed between this land and the one that we are in.  It seemed that he could not quite understand where I was coming from.

I told my friend that time was much different in this new old place than where we come from.  It seemed to have a much longer lasting quality.  I did not know if I liked the lack of conveniences that I had become used to, but I knew that I did like the difference in the quality of the time, and the peace of the region.  My friend missed the conveniences too and was not sure if he agreed with the rest of my comments.  He seemed to feel that too much time and energy were spent on survival and the rest of the time was spent on in many ways, just being bored.  He said he would have rather been back to our world back here where we came from. And I must say I understood exactly what he meant.  I did not want to struggle the way we were struggling, and did not want to miss out on many of the conveniences that I have in this life I live.  I also felt as though if I was back in my old life I would appreciate my wonderful life and make the most of it with my family and friends along with the conviences, technologies, etc. I would never take it for granted and be more focused on my growth and mission in life. And then I woke up back here.

What do you want me to do now? Live in the Universe as me today. (Today’sPoetry)

mountain ridge and lake on cloudy day

What do you want me to do now?

Live in the Universe as me today

What do you mean live as you?

Let go of who you think you are, and be me

How can I be you when you are the eternal?

Stay in touch and do what you are told

And how can I possibly do that now?

Now is the only time there is

What about Craig? Will I lose myself?

Craig shows up when you are not being you

Who are you saying that I am?

Meditate often and feel the oneness

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