“You Have traveled the road of the prophets.”(The Next 30 Days)

In my favorite Deep Space Nine episode, the main character is a man who is an african american novelist.  He is writing about the adventures of a nation on a tremendous space ship of which the captain is a black man.  Everyone he shops the story to loves the story, but feels it is unrealistic that this black man is the captain.  Inspite or this, our hero, the novelist, refuses to change the main character’s race, insisting that this man and these people are real.  In his mind they have become real to him.  He later passes out in sheer frustration as he is arguing about it. To his surprise, he awakens as the captain of this great starship, being told “You have traveled the road of the prophets!”

I have found that when I write poems, or a book, whatever the subject matter is, shows up in my world and becomes my life.  All that concentration, editing, thinking, etc. attracts similar situations in my life for me to live out.  I have had the same thing occur when I watch a lot of movies of a certain type. This way of moving into a new world by immersing our mind in it is “the road of the prophets.” It is a wonderful secret on the meditation path. We become what we think about, speak about, and focus our minds on.

If you have a life you want to experience, Throw yourself in that type of atmosphere.  Dive into it totally. Build on it more and more, and don’t stop.  Make it real in your mind and in your world.  You will be surprised at the results.

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