How Do I Move To The New Place and See God And The Universe Shining on Me (Poetry)


How do I become a better person through this?

How do I turn adversity into my best friend?

How do I move to the new place?

And see God and the Universe are shining on me?

I tell myself “this is happening for a reason.”

I look for the lesson everywhere I go.

I thank the Universe for getting my attention.

I stay humble and ask “Where do you want me now?”

I take time to go within so I can become closer.

I ask again “How do you want me to serve?”

I ask once more what do you want me to see?

I await for my mission ready for action!



It’s Time To Get Busy And Fulfill My Mission (Today’s Poetry)

I saw him walking out of the place.

It happened so fast I couldn’t catch him.

Then I looked up and saw him again.

This time I caught him and grabbed his shoulder.

“I was told that you were gone. “

He looked back at me, and didn’t say a word.

But his expression said so much.

“It is you who have come to visit me”.

This is when I knew it had happened again.

Soul travel abroad, to the other side.

It happened in a flash, I awakened back here.

There is so much to do before I go back again.

Why did I go there? What does it mean?

When I returned I had so much purpose.

Buying more time to do what I must.

It’s time to get busy and fullfill my mission.

Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog