Be of Good Cheer, I Have Overcome This World (The Next 30 Days)

On the meditation path, there is a point in which the meditator can become so adept at the practice of superconscious meditation that they can travel to the upper worlds within and come back to this world at will. The gross outer world compared to the meditation world within becomes somewhat of a dream.

The more one has the expereinces of divine travels and sights within, the more dreamlike this life is. And the more at peace he becomes. Now the meditator is said to have overcome this wold. And is naturally of good cheer on account of realizing there is so much more to this life than he or she could have previously ever imagined. There is also a profound realization of a larger life beyond space and time.

“I came forth from the father and am come into the world, again. I leave the world and go to the Father.”

Now That I Know It Is You I Am Love With. I Don’t Think I Ever Can Be Lonely Again (Today’s Poetry)

Now that I know it’s you Im in love with.

And I have been searching for oh so long.

I don’t think I can ever be lonely again.

Because you are with me everywhere I go.

It is so clear there is nothing to hide.

Because there is really nothing to prove.

What do I want people to know .

When I am the star in this great movie?

When I remember everything is mine.

Perhaps it is all created by me.

As I dive in for the next lesson.

I embrace it all to find you right here.

I try to let go of Craig is so great.

And release “wait til they see this”

I try to be humble and keep you in mind.

And know all I want soon comes my way.

There are flower gardens within with fragrances that are so beautiful they have never touched Earth’s plane. (from The Next 30 Days)

Just as there are definite places you can travel to on this earth by car, boat, or airplane, and you can have definite sights and experiences in those places, the same is true of the inner planes on the meditation path. ‘There are definite places that can be visited within during meditation. And we can actually experience them once we are able to concentrate sufficiently. One of these places is a magnificent flower garden with the most beautiful of fragrances unlike any that we can experience in the physical.

I heard my teacher speak of such a place but I never really expected to see it or make it there. When I did it was unbelievable, and wonderful. It was like I was moving through and becoming the flowers. The fragrance was just as he described also, because when I came out of meditation, the fragrance was gone.

Traveling within to such places within convinces the meditator of life beyond this physical life, and gives the added benifits of coming back with the peace and happiness of these regions.

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They Did Not Know They Were In Heaven (Today’s Poetry)

They did not realize that they were in Heaven.

Sometimes it’s like that when you are in a special place.

They came from different backgrounds and yet they were one.

Exploring the Universe while with a great teacher.

They studied and worshiped and became like family.

As they meditated and reflected the world dissapeared.

The place where they met was the home of a master.

To be in such company a rare occassion.

Sometimes it seemed like the whole place was floating.

The whole place was shining with a light like no other.

More than a ritual it was pure intoxication.

Those who did not catch it were soon left behind.

Sometimes the best places are not seen until we leave.

But once you realize you have to go back.

If you can’t go back then you must create anew.

If you lose your ego who says you can’t fly?

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