Live In The Universe While You Are Here Today (poetry)

The temple has been built, and it is a glorious place.

Lessons and transcendental beauty are ready to be shared.

People are on their way for a wonderful gathering.

Who am I to turn them away?

The Universe is ready for you to take your place.

It is your time to rejoice in the light.

Don’t worry about all that has happened thus far.

Lessons occur to help show the way.

Craig skipped the 8th grade and did well in the 9th.

The soul has a chance to fly once again.

Why stay back when you are ready for the next phase.

Live in the Universe while you are here today.

My teacher told me to build a temple.

He also told me where it should be and how it shall look.

He said to take them with you to the great land.

When the Universe speaks it is time to let go!

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    1. Thank you. I am glad that you enjoyed the post. Peace and Blessings

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