When you are in your right place

When you are in your right place you can barely feel your body.

The feeling of bliss is so incredible you can’t believe how good you feel.

In this moment you feel as though nothing can touch you.

Don’t stop now you are once again on your way.

Pay attention to what takes you there.

Remind yourself that this is where you belong.

Don’t let anything take you away from who you really are.

Practice this way of being and live from it often.

A Perfect Mix For A Great Start (From Craig’s Journal)

I got up and meditated. Afterwards I read from Autobiography of a Yogi about higher living and accounts of magical transcendental life. Then I meditated more. I was feeling so good it was almost beyond belief. The way I was feeling was surely brought about by what I read and my meditation, and perhaps some memories of magical places of my past along with future possibilities. This simple exercise I had done turned out to be a perfect mix, taking me back to where I needed to be.

I thought I must write a reminder to myself of how this simple change of mental atmosphere can make such a difference in how my day starts out.

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog