Having A Goal Is Wonderful, Being On The Journey To It Is Everything

horizon journey

Having a goal, a dream is wonderful.  Being on the journey to it is everything.  Our journey is our adventure, our reason for getting up in the morning, and the process that makes us into who we are meant to become. It is our job to fully get into it and enjoy it.  If we do, our steps along the way will be magical.

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

2 Replies to “Having A Goal Is Wonderful, Being On The Journey To It Is Everything”

  1. larryzb

    People seem to focus so much attention on the destination or goal, but as you say, it is the process, the journey that makes us what we are.

    • Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru Post author

      I agree. This is most of us, most of the time. We get caught up on the destination and being somewhere else, instead of enjoying the journey right here right now. Thank you for your wise words and comment.


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