Please Take Away My Ego


Please take away my ego

Take these thoughts out of my head

Please take away my ego

Fill me up with light instead

Please take away my ego

So I can fulfill the dream

Please take away my ego

I just want to be me

Please take away my ego

So that I can truly give

Please take away my ego

Show me how I must now live

Please take away my ego

So I can fulfill our mission

Please take away my ego

Speak to me and I will listen


What do want me to do?

Where do you want me to go?

How do you want me to be?

What is my next move?

Help me to stay focused

I want to walk in your light


By Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog







I love discovering the mysteries of God and The Universe. My goal is to allow as much of the infinite to come through as freely as possible as I live my life as a father, husband, son, brother friend, meditation teacher, writer, and business owner. I teach meditation, interpret dreams, write, and try to share as much as I learn along the way as possible.


  • Mark Lanesbury

    Great post Craig. The ego can be a frustrating part of life but it is there to ask you to overstep your boundaries, your mind to correct the imbalance, and your heart to know the difference. If you gradually stand in that truth within, God will be very happy indeed because you will be loving the one person we struggle with all our lives…ourselves. They are all needed so we will ‘know’ that light when it touches us 😀 <3

    • Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

      Thank you Mark for the kind words and for your insights. It is always good to hear from you. Peace and Blessings.

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