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We attract our entire life situation based on who we are as a soul and the lessons we have to learn. Each lesson or experience, person or situation that comes into our lives is a teacher that shows up just when we are ready for that particular lesson.  Understanding this, we begin to realize that if there is something we want to learn, experience or have, all we have to do is prepare for it and be ready for the experience, and we will be guided.  Teachers will show up in the form of people, lessons or situations, to take us where we want to go.

The same thing is true for the mystical teacher. There comes a time that we
cannot go any further on the spiritual path without instructions from another human being. This is when he or she shows up to instruct us how to travel within to higher regions so we can realize our oneness with God and The Universe. The laws of affinity and our inward readiness command the teacher to show up in our world. We don’t even have to look.  All we have to do is continue on our path and keep an open mind both prior to and when he or she appears.

From the book 30 Days of Metaphysics and Miracles by Craig Kimbrough

Note:  Every month I will share a page from my book Thirty Days of Metaphysics and Miracles.  The idea is to read the page and incorporate it in your world by making it your message, seeing how it applies to what is currently going on in your life, and then living accordingly. Many who have tried doing this have reported astonishing results. People who have the book, randomly choose a page daily. For those who choose to participate, this is the page and main message for this month.

Peace and Blessings

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog


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6 thoughts on ““When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Appears” This Month’s Page From 30 Days

  1. “We attract our entire life situation based on who we are as a soul and the lessons we have to learn.”

    Our entire life situation? If this includes all that befalls us, this sounds like merely blaming the victim. Karma does not account for all that is or all that occurs.

    1. Hello and Thank you for your comment.

      When I say that we attract situations this does not mean I am blaming the victim, if you in the scheme of things consider someone to be a victim. I respectfully choose to disagree with you when you say that karma does not account for all. You cannot pick and choose which situation is karmic. Karma is a law and it does not just account for what we have or not have done but also for how we see the world and what we may or may not expect in life. It also accounts for or is connected to lessons that we and or others around us who are connected to us may have to go through as a soul. When we say that “everything happens for a reason”, it is Karmic law, that is the reason, even though we may not be able to see it at first. As soon as we truly become open to this, the reason is usually revealed.

      Peace and Blessings

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