Today’s Positive Thought. . . Act Like a Millionaire Even If You Only Have a Dime in Your Pocket

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If you go into the bank and you only have one dollar, walk with your head held up high.  If you have an old car, keep it clean and fix it up.  If you only have a dime in your pocket, act like a millionaire.  Soon the universe will turn you into one.

The subconscious is very powerful, you must think of yourself as, and act like the person you want to be, or whatever the person your adventure calls for you to be.  If you learn to act and feel this way, your deeper mind will not care if it is visible to your physical eyes or not.  It will simply bring your new situation into manifestation to match who you have become.

From the book 30 Days Of Metaphysics and Miracles In Your Life By Craig Kimbrough

2 Replies to “Today’s Positive Thought. . . Act Like a Millionaire Even If You Only Have a Dime in Your Pocket”

  1. I will be honest by saying that I have never actually looked up the definition of “metaphysics.” I will say that the power of my own mind is so evident at times that it can actually be overwhelming & even frightening. One day, long after my current “carrier” has ceased to carry the stream of energy flowing into me, out of me & though me, in an increasingly peaceful manner . . . I suspect that what is now referred to as “metaphysics” will be mathematically evidenced to the point that it is simply called “physics.” Or, even more probable, is that the mechanism that brings the concepts of “metaphysics” to fruition is so incredibly simple that no mathematical calculations of physics are even necessary. We do tend to “overthink” many inherent truths that in reality would probably be better handled by simply accepting them as “obvious” without putting much thought into it at all. I have yet to hear anyone deny the existence of gravity, nor have I seen any valid mathematical explanation for what causes gravity, yet most of us accept that the concept of gravity is very real. So too, is the concept that “what you THINK inevitably becomes a self fulfilling prophecy,” VERY real.

    Those are my thoughts in this current moment about this topic; what the next second of my life reveals to me, remains to be seen.

    Thanks for your attention & for your effort in promoting a comprehensively healthy lifestyle,

    1. Thank you Tivy for the wonderful and insightful comment. I agree gravity is a great example of how we accept that that we cannot see as real. I also agree we need to accept that we become what we think and that thoughts are things. The evidence is our lives in light of our thoughts.

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