Poetry. . . Sometimes I think

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Sometimes I think that I should go

Sometimes I think that I should stay

Sometimes I think I should pursue my dreams

Sometimes I think I should play it safe

Maybe I should let the Universe lead the way

meditate more and think less

Maybe I should be open and look for the signs

and live my life like an adventure

All I have to do is live my life like a poem

Ask the Universe what I should do?

All I have to do is live my life like a movie

move on the signs like they came from God

Maybe I am lucky to have such problems

Otherwise I might live a boring life

Maybe I should focus on the magic and the music

I tried it before and life became a dream!


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog



Today’s Positive Thought. . . Act Like a Millionaire Even If You Only Have a Dime in Your Pocket

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If you go into the bank and you only have one dollar, walk with your head held up high.  If you have an old car, keep it clean and fix it up.  If you only have a dime in your pocket, act like a millionaire.  Soon the universe will turn you into one.

The subconscious is very powerful, you must think of yourself as, and act like the person you want to be, or whatever the person your adventure calls for you to be.  If you learn to act and feel this way, your deeper mind will not care if it is visible to your physical eyes or not.  It will simply bring your new situation into manifestation to match who you have become.

From the book 30 Days Of Metaphysics and Miracles In Your Life By Craig Kimbrough

Poetry… Perfect ingredients for sort of a miracle


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If I follow the Universe and stay connected

I will have good fortune all of my days

If I pay attention to the spiritual signs

my life will be like a walk through Heaven

Following the one and paying attention to the signs

Go together because they are perfect ingredients

Asking for guidance and being open

Helps the Universe move into action

What comes next is sort of a miracle

Things come together as if by magic

Answers show up and we are guided

If we give up our ideas of how things have to be

How do I know this is a wonderful dish?

I have tried it many times and been blown away

How will you know if this is true?

Use the right ingredients and mix away


Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog