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When you are on the wonderful path, the world is truly a different place

What once  looked impossible, magically works out, and everyone asks, How do you do it?

When you are on the wonderful path, answers show up from out of nowhere

You think,” I need to know this, I need to know that”, and the whole Universe goes into action

I don’t quite know how to explain it, you can see the harmony, and the harmony favors you

When I think about it, I can barely feel my body, “this is so good, what comes next?”

I don’t quite know how to explain it, everything you do becomes a mission from God

On a mission from God, nothing can stop you, so you do what you must, and remain sincere

Remind yourself, that you are in Heaven, not next week, not tomorrow, but right here and now

Remind yourself, that you are one with the Universe, you give more than ever before, and things magically work out

Tell yourself that this is the best day ever, and be open to see the beauty, everywhere you go

Think of yourself as on the great ferryboat, riding through Heaven, Repeat your mantra and meditate all day long

Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog


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4 thoughts on “Today’s Positive Poetry…When you are on the wonderful path

  1. Oh, this is a timely post as I try to allow rather than effort. We are taught everything takes hard work–and as I get older, I realize we should really be teaching how to recognize Flow.

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