Today’s Poetry (This yoga I practice makes life so easy!)

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I awakened this morning and could barely take it

Worried about my loved ones, How could I go on?

I decided to chant my mantra and talk to God

I literally did this with each and every breath

Within a short while I began to feel peace

It came so quickly I could not believe it

It was as though I entered a whole new world

I dare not stop my yoga practice

I kept repeating surprised, I felt no more pain

“What if I did this all day long?

Will you protect my loved ones and transform my world?”

I opened up a book for guidance

“I Dare You To Try It!” is what the page read

I rise to the challenge and now I float on!

This yoga I practice makes life so easy!

But how can you believe what you do not try?


Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog





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