Seeing The World Metaphysically


This morning my ten year old son, Jordan, began to ask me a series of questions.  He started by asking what year my sister was born.  I answered him not having any idea where this was all going.  Then he calculated and stated how old she was when her son, Jordan’s cousin Mav was born. They are only 6 months apart and Mav is not only Jordan’s cousin but also his best buddy.  The two are always asking about each other and wanting to know when they get to be together again.

Next Jordan began to talk about how old I was when he was born. He reminded me that I was 41 at the time. He then said “That had to be a miracle.”  I thought about it, and asked “Are you saying that it is a miracle because of how many events had to line up, and how many things had to happen for you to both be the same age in the same family, and be able to be so close?”  He said yes.  I told him “what you are looking at is the harmony of God and The Universe.  And you are right.  When you see how many things have to happen in order for you to be blessed by a situation, it is a miracle.”


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

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  1. janonlife

    How beautiful that your son has such a deep understanding of the true workings of the universe. All children are born knowing that everything is miraculous, but this can be forgotten as they get caught up in the mundane. Clearly you have worked to keep Jordan’s metaphysical understanding strong.
    I hope he and his cousin can continue to have many happy times together.

    • Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

      Thank you Jan. You are right that I have worked this. Sometimes I have felt that it was not quite enough. This conversation really surprised me, but then I was reminded that he is in an environment where such things are talked about often. Thank you again for your comment and well wishes. You are a great friend. Peace and Blessings

  2. candidkay

    If we all saw, on a movie screen, how many intricate bits lead up to each life every day, I am sure we’d be in awe from here to eternity. Sounds like you have a wise old soul on your hands:).


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