Meditate Often. No one gets there playing it safe (Today’s Poetry)


Meditate often

Let go of all concerns as to how you should be.

Trust the inner voice and feelings that you have.

The more you meditate the more you connected you will be.

Give all you have and let go of the results.

Get into the journey and enjoy this moment.

Believe in the magic and look for harmony.

Don’t forget you are in the adventure right here, right now

When you remember you are in it act like you know it

Move on your ideas, do what you have to do

Don’t be afraid to take a chance

No one gets to where you want to be by playing it safe

4 Replies to “Meditate Often. No one gets there playing it safe (Today’s Poetry)”

  1. kkozak

    Hi Craig, I have been getting hacked again, this time apparently the Calgary Police illegally wiretapped the low cost housing building I was living in for over the past decade, and it seems like they have involved child welfare on heresy, or gossip, for the last 10 years, and when I was next on their target, or the girl in the building that does not like kids, they started hacking even more, so i am not getting your lesson, i just want you to know what is up here in Canada re me, and THEIR ISSUES, WHICH APPEAR TO BE HUGE, THE CANADIAN MILITARY POLICE have been tracking me I discovered that much on September 6th, and I have been collecting evidence for months on this stuff. Also somehow, it seems like they are trying to thwart my spiritual evolution, when I tried to do your meditation, they drove up with their lawn mowers, popping wheelies below my window, making noise, it seems like to me because they may have overheard via another wire tap that noise distracts me. It has escalated to me being poisoned by special gases, idk what, from trucks, houses down the street, they seem to own everything, or pay off everyone, idk, it is really special. Even helicoptors, lots of them too, I have had some kind of a toxic gas that sure appeared to drop out of one of them, others smelled it and were affected, and really Craig, I should not be alive after being gased and poisoned if in fact I have been. No, I am not on drugs or booze, relapse AIN’T AN OPTION, LOL. But it is gross what is happening, and it seems like God has a special plan with me maybe re Africa, I could be wrong, but cannot help but notice when I mention how much I love them and do things for them, like play a song called Crazy Crazy Crazy by Michael Franti, and it seems like they notice how much I care about oppression of the Black folks in particular, they are the people being more and more used for the dirty work in front of me. I KNOW FULL WELL IT AIN’T THEM, and I do not know who is behind it all, except that it is evil, and not my crap. Well, I will sure pray before I send you this that it gets sent to you, I am at my mom’s now, and her place is tapped too, phones, everything. I know you will find it very interesting, and know that I invite you etherically to check it all out In JESUS NAME, by HIM AND ONLY HIM, this email is being blessed to go directly to my guru Craig, Kimbrough.It is a lot to take in, and yes, i know I attracted it with my paranoia of hackers for so long, but frankly Teacher, it has got to be GOD’S Will re me, because I should not even be alive, but I am. I know they could and would love to shoot me with their guns, but they cannot for I have no idea why. It has been quite a trip, and I wish it would end, but it hasn’t. Every time they try to do something else to me, they screw up and hang up the phone. That is their M.O., hang up when they drop the ball.

    Oh ya, and there is also a HUGE UNSEEN AUDIENCE Helping me, they have infiltrated their hack and spy deal, whomever they are. It’s been tough, knowing they are hacking my beloved parents house even too, just to use it all to try to discredit me when it goes to court, is my guess, cause I am not arrested and to my knowledge have not done anything to be arrested. I could be wrong, but this is way beyond regular paranoia, and all of my feelings are normal and natural considering the special stuff that has been happening all around me. Has me a bit leary of going out much, don’t want to harm others just cause I am hacked, but it is what it is, “I KNOW THIS IS BRINGING ME TO SOMETHING GREATER, IF I CAN JUST EMBRACE THE SITUATION” – YOU ROCK TEACHER!!!!

    Hey, maybe I will get to see you when it comes to court. Until then, meet me in the etheric’s cause i totally okay it all, and could really use a visit from the greatest guru on this planet.

    Karen Kozak

    • Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru

      Hello Karen

      I am sorry to hear that you are going through such things. I know it sounds crazy, but try to keep up your meditations and let go as much as possible. The more you let go, and the more at peace you can become, the more it will take care of itself. Peace and Blessings. Hope to talk to you soon.


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