Poetry (To Move Into That World Where You Truly Belong)

  There are things that we know we need to do and still do not do There are things that we know we need to stop that we continue to […]

Seeing The World Metaphysically

This morning my ten year old son, Jordan, began to ask me a series of questions.  He started by asking what year my sister was born.  I answered him not […]

Meditate Often. No one gets there playing it safe (Today’s Poetry)

Meditate often Let go of all concerns as to how you should be. Trust the inner voice and feelings that you have. The more you meditate the more you connected […]

Three easy tips for better concentrating during meditation

When we have trouble concentrating during meditation it’s usually because we are not meditating at all. Well we are meditating, but the problem is we are meditating on all the […]

Springtime Springboard into New Life

As we look around us we are reminded that springtime is a time for rebirth, renewal and second chances, both in nature and in our everyday lives. Peace and Blessings, […]