Poetry (To Move Into That World Where You Truly Belong)



There are things that we know we need to do and still do not do

There are things that we know we need to stop that we continue to do

These things can make a big difference but we just don’t realize it

A whole new world is waiting if you dare to step in

We think “just this last time I will not be true”

“Next time I will do it ” but  next time is right now

Now is the time, the only time there is

To move into that world where you truly belong

If we do what we know works we get so much reward

If we ask and remain open we are shown the right way

If we have the guts to move on the signs, life will be anew

No time for waiting your adventure is right here


Some Questions:

Are you eating the way you know you should?

Are you being as loving as you know you should be?

Are you taking the tough stances you know you should take?

Are you serving the way you would like to be served?

Are you taking time to go within for more guidance?

Are you spending time daily on living your dream?










Seeing The World Metaphysically


This morning my ten year old son, Jordan, began to ask me a series of questions.  He started by asking what year my sister was born.  I answered him not having any idea where this was all going.  Then he calculated and stated how old she was when her son, Jordan’s cousin Mav was born. They are only 6 months apart and Mav is not only Jordan’s cousin but also his best buddy.  The two are always asking about each other and wanting to know when they get to be together again.

Next Jordan began to talk about how old I was when he was born. He reminded me that I was 41 at the time. He then said “That had to be a miracle.”  I thought about it, and asked “Are you saying that it is a miracle because of how many events had to line up, and how many things had to happen for you to both be the same age in the same family, and be able to be so close?”  He said yes.  I told him “what you are looking at is the harmony of God and The Universe.  And you are right.  When you see how many things have to happen in order for you to be blessed by a situation, it is a miracle.”


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Meditate Often. No one gets there playing it safe (Today’s Poetry)


Meditate often

Let go of all concerns as to how you should be.

Trust the inner voice and feelings that you have.

The more you meditate the more you connected you will be.

Give all you have and let go of the results.

Get into the journey and enjoy this moment.

Believe in the magic and look for harmony.

Don’t forget you are in the adventure right here, right now

When you remember you are in it act like you know it

Move on your ideas, do what you have to do

Don’t be afraid to take a chance

No one gets to where you want to be by playing it safe

Three easy tips for better concentrating during meditation

When we have trouble concentrating during meditation it’s usually because we are not meditating at all. Well we are meditating, but the problem is we are meditating on all the problems we perceive to be in our world. We sit down, say our mantra 2 times and start to think about our life. Of course this is not what we originally hoped for our focus to be on during meditation. We were hoping to let go of our world and find peace of mind, more happiness, ideas, and inspiration.  So I have three tips to help out.

1. Change your walking meditation.  Change what you think and talk about throughout the day prior to meditating sitting down.  Keeping your mind on the positive and on higher possibilities is big.  When you sit down to meditate.  Your mind will gravitate to what you have been focusing on all day long.

2.  When you sit down to meditate.  First bring to mind your concerns worries hopes and dreams.  Remind yourself that a force higher than you is taking care of them and you don’t need to figure out anything.  The Universe will handle it all.  Your sitting down to meditate is only helping you to move into that place where you can see it clearly.  Also know that the answers can show up at any time, from any place.  The Universe will handle how that happens.

3.  When you sit down to meditate, see how many times you actually repeat your mantra. If you are using my video “How to Meditate with the Highest Form of Meditation” the beginning mantra would be A-U-M. After each A-U-M, count, for example say A-U-M then count 1, A-U-M then count repeat that mantra and cout 2. See if you get to 10. If you don’t, try again until you get to 10. After you reach 10, do not count anymore. Continue to repeat the mantra without counting. When you count, do not use your fingers. This brings your concentration below the eyebrow center. In the “How to Meditate video” I do not mention counting with each repetition up to ten. This is only for when having trouble concentrating.

You can even practice this mantra during your day when you are not sitting down meditating. You can do this when you are walking, driving, etc., with your eyes open of course. But when it is time to meditate, you do it with the eyes closed sitting down like on the download

Peace and Blessings

Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru Blog

Springtime Springboard into New Life

As we look around us we are reminded that springtime is a time for rebirth, renewal and second chances, both in nature and in our everyday lives.

Peace and Blessings, Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

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