Today’s Positive Thought (there are always new starts waiting)

cropped-fb081-sun_and_sky_.jpgThere are always new starts and second chances for the one who believes and is willing to work.

For if you truly believe there is a second chance for you and are willing to work for it, all kinds of ideas and information will magically show up for you to act on.

One might even conclude that the real work is in truly convincing ourselves of the great new possibilities.


Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Poetry (Something Told Me)


Something told me to go talk to my friend

When I got there it totally blew my mind

We talked about the deeper side of life

I was so glad I listened and made my way there

As we talked spiritual information flew around the room

I got many answers as to “what’s my next move?”

She got more information about spirituality and meditation

It was as though this moment was truly meant to be

I thanked God for my deciding to have an open mind

She did the same, time flew by and stood still

What can I say?  It was a spiritual event

I could see this more clearly as I took time and reflected


Positive Guru Application:  Pay attention to your intuitions and move on them.  Know that when things seem to line up magically, this is no coincidence, and be thankful for the beauty and magic you experience.  Take time to reflect and remain open minded.  If you live life this way you will be lead by God and The Universe.


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog






There Is A Wonderful Peace On Top Of The Mountain (Today’s Poetry)


There is wonderful peace on top of the mountain

When you get to the seventh floor the sun shines brighter than ever before

Hearing of a wonderful place is the first step to actually being there

There are fragrances that have never even touched earth’s plain


If you dive into life you will surely find an adventure

If you keep moving forward it gets more fun along the way

When you find it fun where you are, you have truly found a secret

If you practice this secret you find the world of Heaven here and now


One moment may last a thousand years

The flower garden is a place that we should all know well

Another secret is to forget about your problems

Remain in the moment as you walk in meditation


If you spend time on the sixth floor, before you know it you are on the seventh

They say God made the world in seven days

There are seven chakras or force centers in the temple

So going within will lead you to a most wonderful place


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog