Today’s Poetry (The Adventure is at Hand)


How much do I have to meditate before I share what I am meant to share?

What must I leave behind before I can learn to simply be?

Maybe if I was not afraid, following would be so much easier.

Perhaps if I had nothing to lose I would hear the inner voice


If I gave it all away I know I would be free.

If I was really free I would surely have it all.

Giving it all away is really a state of mind

where you don’t care about what happens as you give your all towards your objective.


The question I must ask is, What am I waiting for?

I have seen what can happen when you walk the magical path?

You can make it stop raining by simply having a thought or saying the words

Those who don’t understand will think I speak in metaphor


Walking the magical path is both hard and yet quite easy.

It’s hard when you don’t believe and easy once you make the steps

This life that you live is incredible, and all is in harmony

Now go within, and live in the moment, the adventure is at hand.


By Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog





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