The Positive Word For the Month (Compassion)


I decided to start choosing a positive word for the month.  The idea is to keep this word as my focus as I go about my days and then just be open and see what develops.  The word that came to me for this month is compassion.  I have to tell you that my experiences with compassion thus far during this month have truly been amazing. Just having the thought of being more compassionate has challenged me to exercise being this way in situations where I might not have before, especially when dealing with people who are bringing challenging behavior.  Somehow just having the word in the back of my mind as my part of my spiritual work out, has caused me to put myself in other peoples shoes, even when they may be mildly attacking me.   When I do this I find that I am at more peace with them and the whole world.  I can see the other party much more clearly than I would have otherwise.

Now here is the clincher.  Just the other day I wondered if I should share this word of the month on my blog each month or not.  I began to even wonder “is it really as powerful as it seems to be, or is it my imagination?”  Later in the day I was going to see the Peanuts movie again.  It was not by choice.  My wife wanted to see it with our son Jordan.  Jordan and I had already seen the movie and I fell asleep on much of it, and was not really too impressed.  But before going this time, my friends teasing me said “Go and enjoy it.  Look for something spiritual in it. Ha ha ha ”  Even as we joked, I was reminded that this is my way and what I am known for doing.  So I replied “yea that’s what I am going to do, look for the spiritual” When I saw the movie again I was amazed.  It was really good, quite spiritual with all kinds of insights.  And at the very end of the movie, at the culmination point, when Charlie asks. what was it that made,the new girl, his love interest, choose him.  She said “It was your compassion.”  She went on to give other reasons connected to it also, but at this moment all I could hear was the inner sound, Aum vibration, roaring, as I sat there barely feeling my body, saying to myself “wow the word of the month, compassion.  I have to share it.”

As you go through the rest of your month I invite you to invite the word, compassion, more into your focus and life as you move about your days.  If you have any stories or insights to share, please feel free to do so in the comments section of this post.  Peace and Blessings.

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You are now on your way

1ceb7-garden20wallpaperWhen the grass is greener and the sky is bluer

know that you are on to something

When you feel unusually good and at peace

know that you are on your way

When you see a beauty that brings tears to your eyes

be sure to live in such a manner

You are now following the signs

to a life most can only imagine

When someone eases your worries

hang out with that person

When all tension goes

spend time in that place

Why do I state

what we already know?

It is so easy to forget

the guide posts to Heaven

If you meditate on what works

they call you a master

If you do what you love

you master your fate

If you know what you love

be true to yourself

If you can do this

you are now on your way


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Messages from dreams for the new year (From Craig’s Jounal)


I had a dream last night about a friend of mine who expressed anger and resentment towards me some time ago. We have not talked since. In the dream the friend was trying to call me but could not get through. So he tried calling my wife, trying to reach me and I got very upset. Then I woke up.

When I awakened I could not believe that I had this dream, and reacted in this way in the dream. I reacted just like he did in this waking dream, with anger and resentment. I had another dream the same night where I was in a fearful situation. When I awakened from this dream, once again I was surprised. I was surprised because my dreams are not usually of this nature.

Upon reflection, these dreams told me that I am still holding on to some things in my world that I need to let go of. It also told me that I am in some way focusing on things that I don’t want to occur and now having them show up in my dreams. So for 2016, I choose to let go of fears, anger and resentments, as I move forward into this world with more peace and love. I will remind myself of this more as I step up my meditations, and focus on the good in my world.

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Today’s Positive Poetry (Change)

What do we do when we want our lives to change?
What do we do when we want our circumstances to be different?
Be different
What do we do when we want people in our lives to behave in a new way?
Behave in a new way
What do we do when we want our lives to be more exciting?
Be more exciting
How do we do these things for a whole new life on a whole new level?
Look for the good everywhere and step up our meditations

Craig Kimbrough
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