Today’s Poetry (How?)

How can I experience more peace and beauty in meditation?

How can I see what the great masters see?

How can I get answers to my questions magically showing up?

How can I find my purpose and my adventure as I move through life?

First you must change your walking meditation

What you think about all day long

The conversations you have when you go to speak

What we listen to and watch becomes our powerful focus

We don’t realize that we are meditating every single moment

Think about the magic of the Universe, and see it show up

See yourself as an artist and create a masterpiece

Talk to the Universe and ask “How do you want me to serve?”

Expect to get answers and watch them show up

Let go of needing to see them, and they seem to come rush your way

Hang out with the great masters, and see what they see

If you don’t know one, you can read their books

Everything you need is right here with you

You can chant the mighty Aum as you go go about your day

Know the Universe is with you and see the eternal everywhere

Be true to yourself and ask who am I?

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