own a seasonal business. I’m able to work during the warm months and not able to work during the winter. For many years this was my only source of income. So, I had to make my entire income from the spring through the fall. Once winter came I would not be able to make any money. My teacher used to tell me during the warm months, to make haste while the sun is still shining. In other words, do all the work you can while it’s nice outside and don’t have to worry about terrible temperatures. It took a while to learn this. I went through a few real bad winters not having any money. Eventually I learned to make haste while the sun is still shining and focus on heavily on work when conditions allowed and also use my time off to not only relax but devote more time to my other areas of interest.

This is what we must do in all areas of our lives. You have to get it while the getting is good and conditions allow, because we never know when we are not able to have the getting good. So we must definitely make haste while the sun is still shining.

Positive Application: Look at your life and ask “what time is it?” What things would you like to accomplish and see done? Now ask what season is it? Is it time to focus on school or time to work? Is it time to rest? If you have free time, ask yourself, “Am I using it to my advantage?” Make haste while the sun is still shining.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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