Once again reflecting on Halloween Positivity


Every year I am amazed by Halloween Positivity. This year was no different. I witnessed people everywhere having fun. Many adults being creative in picking out and wearing costumes and going to parties to celebrate. And of course the celebrations for the kids is my favorite. My youngest son wore his costume both to school to a trunk or treat carnival where he and many other kids had a ball, laughing at each others costumes, playing, and just celebrating. Then was the grand finale, trick or treating the following day.

When we went trick or treating it was amazing. My wife and I went with my son’s friend and his parents and it was very festive. There were people happy and smiling passing out candy and wishing the kids and adults a happy Halloween. One guy even walked around the neighborhood passing out beer to the adults. Me, I just loved being out there with everyone and seeing so many people happy, expressing creativity with their costumes, and giving candy to the kids, and wishing one another happiness. What a good time and environment.

Positive Guru Reminder: All holidays can be a time for spiritual connection, positivity, and giving. We can start thinking today about the next holiday and asking ourselves What are all the ways I am going to give and share happiness on this upcoming day?

Craig Kimbrough
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