Today’s Positive Thought (No Time To Waste Sitting Around. . . Time To Get Busy And Stand up)

In the movie Bridge of Spies, a client tells the main character that he reminds him of a man that he once knew. He said this man was prisoner who […]

Today’s Poetry (Some of us)

Some of us are born into one Others of us are fortunate enough to be pulled into one Some of us are searching to find one And yet all of […]

Today’s Poetry (As I Sat There Analyzing)

As I sat there analyzing my dream I could see it was built upon thoughts of the previous day My words thoughts and actions came back to life And I […]

Only make good deals, and you will find yourself in the best of situations (A Dream interpretation)

Question for Craig: I had a dream last night in which I was to be seated at a table with my Grandmother. My children were with me. I felt as […]