Man I am foating high
On God and the Universe of course

Me Too
My meditations have been the sh$#t lately

Mine too and I just had a series of incredible revelations
telling me how to better move through life on account of them
I’m really trippin.

That’s f#$king magical

I know
BTW, I meant floating high Ha ha ha

Man I’m so high on the Universe
I didn’t even kno u misspelled it

That’s what’s up

By Craig For Positive Guru Blog
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One Reply to “Today’s Poetry (Text Messages Between Two Modern Sages At 6:00 am. . . A true story)”

  1. “My man. The American Guru.” “That’s what’s up” I love my guru. can’t wait to share this with my bro Anisio. Thank you teacher, this is perfect!

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