Today’s Poetry (I Float On)

I don’t have to be on top

I can move through the crowd nice and slow

I don’t have to be in front

as long as I get where I need to go

I can flow with the Universe

and be open to where it wants to take me

If I can keep this attitude

I can move on I can move on

Don’t be surprised if you see me flying

If I truly learn to give I might float away

Don’t be surprised if you see me crying

But if you do they are tears of joy

I see her standing by the misstetoe

waiting on me to take her hand

And as I take my material joy

Can I still meditate and remain at one?

I guess you can say that my time has come

For me to dive in and take a swim

And as I freestyle and butterfly

I am thankful that I know these strokes

I float on

Positive Guru Application: As you go through your day, remember to be humble, and give. Good things will come your way. At the same time while doing so, by all means, jump into life and live fully. And as you live out your day and life to its fullest, and practice remaining humble, remember to continue to meditate for maximum peace and enjoyment.

by Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog
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2 Replies to “Today’s Poetry (I Float On)”

  1. Beautiful guru poetry, I love the way you write and teach. Thank you so much for your incarnation and embracing it as you have. You are the greatest guru on the planet, and I know you meditate enough and are good enough of a guru to not let that blow up your ego and run on that. It is the truth. I know how fortunate I am to have you as my teacher. Thank you so much for this weeks Enlightenment lesson, felt like it was created just for me, I never knew you studied psychology before.” I know Kimbrough is gonna do it right. “. That is my experience, you are never a sidetrack, never beat around about things. I am inspired so much by this weeks lesson, i am going to study up on patterns, psychology, even sincerity and psychology too. It’s incredible Craig, I have sent you some emails, hope your dream book is ready soon, some are interesting dream questions. Ram Nam teacher.

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