Today’s Poetry (I love this time of the day!)

I woke up this morning
remembering three dreams

I sat there
and pondered all three

I found beautiful meanings
in each one

bringing me back to remembering
how we create our lives

I felt so alive
unraveling the mystery

I asked for answers
and they unfolded

I discovered new directions
in which to travel

I love this time
of the day!

Today’s Application: Tomorrow remember to take notice of be thankful of and use the early morning time for meditation and reflection, even if you have to wake up a a few minutes to a half hour earlier, it is well worth it.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

One Reply to “Today’s Poetry (I love this time of the day!)”

  1. magicalcocreations

    Ha ha ha ha ha. My man. I love this one. Love them all, this one sure feels happy, The Positive Guru comes to mind with this post Craig. It has been a while since I have remembered many dreams in a sleep. it is because my disciplines are not up to par, it doesn’t matter, “it’s not a race”. I have be best teacher on the planet. I was just getting new insights from your Enlightenment Lesson this week and I saw this post you made. The magic of dawn, the stillness of the mornings before the rest of the folks have awakened or tapped it dry, it is the magical time alright, the time of the teacher coming out to post.The American Guru movie is totally alive in this blog. It reminds me to wake up at dawn,, tap into that abundant free flowing energy from on high, get into this discipline again, and remembering dreams and getting insights from them re our lives. “The movie is taking place right now. You are about that here with this blog. You are about that now teacher.


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