When You Are Into The Process Your Whole Life Is About To Change (Today’s Poetry)

When you wake up from a dream that you don’t understand take some time and ask “What is it trying to tell me?” When you find yourself in a tough […]

Today’s Poetry (Text Messages Between Two Modern Sages At 6:00 am. . . A true story)

Man I am foating high On God and the Universe of course Me Too My meditations have been the sh$#t lately Mine too and I just had a series of […]

Today’s Poetry (I Float On)

I don’t have to be on top I can move through the crowd nice and slow I don’t have to be in front as long as I get where I […]

The Art of Dreaming Part 1

It is said that Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity in a dream. In the movie The Wind Rises, the main character gets his ideas for engineering design from […]

Today’s Poetry (I love this time of the day!)

I woke up this morning remembering three dreams I sat there and pondered all three I found beautiful meanings in each one bringing me back to remembering how we create […]