Today’s Poetry (Your Movie, Your Book, Your Life)

40132-sun-and-sky-20143Your movie your book your play is taking place right now
whether you realize it or not

You can’t wait for this to happen or for that to happen
for your movie and adventure to begin

In a great movie the main character may be eating cereal
for breakfast lunch and dinner every day, when the movie begins

She may be rich on her dream job
or she may be out of work and frustrated

He may be doing what he loves, and in love
or on the run, hiding and alone

What makes the movie great is
who the character becomes in the adventure he finds himself in

The character must grow and change
be challenged and become innovative

The more the main character grows and changes
and finds new ways of overcoming, the better the movie gets

In your movie, your life, you do know
you are the main character

The whole setting is happening in support of you
and who you are to become in this new adventure

So what now
What is your next move?

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

3 Replies to “Today’s Poetry (Your Movie, Your Book, Your Life)”

  1. magicalcocreations

    Thank God for you Craig, I don’t know where I would be without you, lost a lot for sure.
    I need you as much as I need to commune with God on a daily basis often. Reading your posts is the same as connecting with Source, Divine direction in human form. Thanks for practicing as much as you do metaphysically, it is incredible to me how much direction I get from your blogs and your enlightenment lessons. I get parenting direction from on High, direction on how to be a better person, in every walk of life. Thank you Craig. Ram Nam. Ram Nam.

  2. magicalcocreations

    Who I am to become, well now it is pure in my heart, overcome the obstacles before me with a pure heart. What is my next move? Pray, ask God, how, thank God for my challenges and enemies, and ask for guidance for pureness in my heart so I can be coming from a good place inside, and move through things with ease. Step up my meditations, and keep reading this blog, listening to my guru. Best guru on the planet. thanks teacher we are so blessed to have you here in 3-D, I need you here, so thanks for staying here.


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