Our dreams, our thoughts and our lives ( a short dream interpretation)


The other day my youngest son Jordan told me he had a bad dream. He said that in the dream rats were chasing him. I asked him if he saw anything on television about rats the night before. Jordan said “No but I was at the petting zoo yesterday at camp, and it made me think about rats.”

I reminded him that we have to be careful of what we think about. Because what we think about seems to show up in our dreams. I also told Jordan “If we find ourselves thinking about something we don’t like, or don’t want to have happen, we can quickly change our thought to a more enjoyable thought. I explained “This also holds true with life. What we think about most shows up. After all, this life that we live is also somewhat of a dream.”

Today’s Positive Guru Application:  Once again, we have to be careful what we think about, and talk about and to remember to keep our attention on good things as often as possible.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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  1. I understand the need to think about good thoughts and staying positive, however, I feel that one cannot be a complete person without embracing the facets of “bad” thoughts. Although they may be scary or worrisome, they can not only help a person appreciate the good even more, but also be more in tune with their psyche/self. Granted, I’m no fan of spiders so the last thing I’d want in my dreams are those fellows. 😛

    1. Craig, I had a dream last night, and throughout my dream I heard the drum. It was consistent and it was the drum. Just a constant drumming sound. Now, It was in my left ear, but it was consistent and it was the inner drum sound I am certain of this. In my dream I went to see Frank, he is the owner of that company. The people in the company would not let me see him Craig. All of them. They were very nasty to me again. Now, I know that I had fear last night, and I am darn well going there anyway, because I know for certain it is my next move to make anyway. You already know this from my previous dream and I know you are the dream master anyway. (BTW is the dream book written yet, cause I need that book). I know where my fear is coming from, I know it is to be treated nasty again. Maybe that will happen and maybe it won`t. I promised a dear friend of mine I would make this move today. I think he is apprehensive to make similar moves in his life and that we are just a match to one another as close friends right now because of this. I gave him my word I would make this move and am doing it cause of this. I am trying to encourage him, as well as myself, if that makes sense to you. Anyway, I am also wondering about why it was in my left ear, if that matters, I know during meditation I am to pay attention to the right side, and when I hear the inner aum vibration it is always in my right ear. If this is relative please let me know. I wonder what I should wear. Not going to worry to much about that, I will flip a coin on that one. I am listening to `Look for the Lesson, Look to God. I fell asleep to it. It just plays over and over for me. Thank God for that too. I tell ya Craig, I will wake up to just the words I need to hear, and they will run through my head all day. Is Govinda indeed. Thanks so much.

    2. I agree. In the post I was talking to my 9 year old son who I needed to let go of that thought. But of course there are times we can grow from addressing unpleasant experiences and thoughts. My way is to get the lesson, look for the good in it and not put too much energy on things we don’t want to have happen. Even if we put our energy on a solution, that is moving to good thought. But by all means I choose to let of what I don’t like or find out how is this really a good thing in the making. Thank you so much for reading and for your thoughtful comment. Peace and Blessings

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