Today’s Poetry (Your Movie, Your Book, Your Life)

40132-sun-and-sky-20143Your movie your book your play is taking place right now
whether you realize it or not

You can’t wait for this to happen or for that to happen
for your movie and adventure to begin

In a great movie the main character may be eating cereal
for breakfast lunch and dinner every day, when the movie begins

She may be rich on her dream job
or she may be out of work and frustrated

He may be doing what he loves, and in love
or on the run, hiding and alone

What makes the movie great is
who the character becomes in the adventure he finds himself in

The character must grow and change
be challenged and become innovative

The more the main character grows and changes
and finds new ways of overcoming, the better the movie gets

In your movie, your life, you do know
you are the main character

The whole setting is happening in support of you
and who you are to become in this new adventure

So what now
What is your next move?

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Our dreams, our thoughts and our lives ( a short dream interpretation)

The other day my youngest son Jordan told me he had a bad dream. He said that in the dream rats were chasing him. I asked him if he saw anything on television about rats the night before. Jordan said “No but I was at the petting zoo yesterday at camp, and it made me think about rats.”

I reminded him that we have to be careful of what we think about. Because what we think about seems to show up in our dreams. I also told Jordan “If we find ourselves thinking about something we don’t like, or don’t want to have happen, we can quickly change our thought to a more enjoyable thought. I explained “This also holds true with life. What we think about most shows up. After all, this life that we live is also somewhat of a dream.”

Today’s Positive Guru Application: ¬†Once again, we have to be careful what we think about, and talk about and to remember to keep our attention on good things as often as possible.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog