Good Karma (Today’s Positive Poetry)


When I wake up at 5 am
to meditate and reflect

The whole world is different
as I move throughout my day

When I use my datebook
and follow my schedule

Things get accomplished
and my life is in order

If I eat the right food
in the right amounts

I look better, I feel better
and people ask me how do you do it

If I chant my mantra
as I go about my way

I float through life
like nothing can touch me

When I am true to myself
and charge the right price

The job is heavenly
and I enjoy the work

If I embrace the moment
as part of a beautiful plan

I can see things
more clearly than before

If I ask for guidance
and trust the Universe

An answer shows up
in a miraculous way

When I trust the Universe
and follow the signs

magic occurs and
I am surprised every time

Craig Kimbrough
Positive Guru Blog

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