Today’s Positive Thought (Coincidences are part of the Magic of The Universe)

I took my son Jordan roller skating Tuesday. It was his first time, and he had some difficulties. He fell quite a bit, but was determined to learn and kept trying. By the end of the session, he was frustrated, but in time, said that he would go back later in the week. I was glad to hear this, because we were trying to get him ready for a birthday roller skating party he was going to attend on Sunday.

Later this same evening, I was surprised to walk in his bedroom and see a cartoon on, with Mickey Mouse and friends rollerskating. Jordan was laughing and talking about them skating. I asked him if liked the idea of skating now. He said yes. He was looking forward to going again in a couple days so he could practice for the party. I told Jordan that this was no coincidence us seeing this cartoon right after he went skating for the first time. He asked me “What does coincidence mean?” I gave him a couple of examples, and then told him that “Coincidences are part of the magic of the Universe. They look like accidents, but are planned for us to get something out of them”, like the cartoon showing up to make skating look so fun right after him having such a difficult first try. It gave us another chance to talk about how with practice it will be a lot of fun, and how it is OK to fall.

Jordan agreed. He then told me about a time in which he and his friend just happened to be reading the same book at the same time. He felt like this was magical and looked like an accident, but it must have been planned by the Universe also, because it gave them a lot to talk and laugh about. I agreed.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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  1. Jordan’s so lucky to have you as a Dad! Hope he enjoyed the party.
    You call them coincidences; I like Jung’s term Synchronicity, but the important thin is to see that they are not random events, but life taking us where we want to go. Very magical!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful complement Jan. Jordan really had a good time Sunday. His birthday party was at the bowling alley from 2 to 4 pm. Then he and many of the same kids went to his friend Samantha’s birthday and skating party from 5 to 7. Jordan skated well.

      I love the term synchronicity also. And I agree. We are truly going where we want to go to get the experiences and opportunities needed whether we realize it or not. Quite magical indeed.

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