Today’s Positive Reminder (Birds of a feather flock together)

eople can lie to you if they like, but the laws of the universe never lie. One of those laws is, “Birds of a feather flock together”. In order for people to remain in one another’s orbit for any significant amount of time, there must be some common ground or intersection for those involved. Once we realize this, we can tell a lot about people and even ourselves by the company we keep. If you want improve yourself, at some point you may have to change who you spend your time with.

On the spiritual path we should make it a point to be around people who are positive minded and moving in the direction in which we want to go. If we don’t know enough people like this, then we should read books, listen to music, and watch movies by these kind of people and about their lives. Soon we will find ourselves surrounded by them, and in no time we become one of those people we admire.

From the book Wise Words by Craig Kimbrough

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