Good Karma (Today’s Positive Poetry)

When I wake up at 5 am to meditate and reflect The whole world is different as I move throughout my day When I use my datebook and follow my […]

Today’s Positive Thought (Coincidences are part of the Magic of The Universe)

I took my son Jordan roller skating Tuesday. It was his first time, and he had some difficulties. He fell quite a bit, but was determined to learn and kept […]

Today’s Positive Reminder (Birds of a feather flock together)

P eople can lie to you if they like, but the laws of the universe never lie. One of those laws is, “Birds of a feather flock together”. In order […]

Today’s Positive Reminder: When God and The Universe chooses to express himself, or herself, he’s not too particular what color suit he wears for the occasion.

W hether it is the answer that mysteriously reveals itself in your world, a sign telling you which direction to go in, or the help that arrives from the unexpected […]