What do you do when you realize you can have anything you want?

You thank God and the Universe for everything that you have

You meditate often to handle all the good that comes your way

You become open to the beauty that is all around you


You lightly decide something is going to happen

And you don’t worry about exactly how it will occur

You allow the Universe take care of all the details

And now rest assured that it is on its way


You don’t even really care if it is going to happen

You remember that the secret is simply to let go

Before you know it, everything just came into being

Your good came in even better than you expected


And you can’t believe your eyes, you are one with the whole world

Knowing everything occurred just to make your dreams come true

You talk to like minded people who say “this is how things work”

You get in your spiritual place, and see the magic miraculously unfold


You remind yourself to meditate more so you will only want what is best

You close your eyes and say to yourself that all is wonderful

You chant your mantra and let go of all the new things you want

You slip into the the place where all the magic can happen


When you come out, you know that “I don’t chase anything

I follow the oneness, and behold all comes my way

I follow the instructions and signs that I am given

And walk forward into the sunlight as I enjoy my days”


Craig Kimbrough

for Positive Guru Blog

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  1. Thank you for this post. That’s where I am in my life. The time is now!
    Love, light & blessings,

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