Today’s Positive Poetry (So what am I trying to say?)

Tell a person a lie often enough and it becomes their truth

Hear the same thing over and over and it starts to make sense

Keep singing the same song and the lyrics are sure to be with you

Hang out with robbers and thieves and soon help rob the bank


So what am trying to say?

The rich hang with the rich, and the poor hang with the poor

If you hang out with the saints, you will eventually become enlightened

Focus on the good, and more good comes your way


So what do we need to hear?

That there are many ways be in ones company

You can hang with them in the flesh, or read their books

You can watch them on television, and listen to their songs


You think about them, and bring them more into your world

Their ways of living and being soon become your own

You don’t even see it as the process is happening

It doesn’t even seem like work, we are creating all the time


Some of us create a catastrophe and say “How did this happen?”

Some of us see miracles because we expect them wherever we go

Then everyone says “You have great luck.

The lord must be with you.  He blesses you all the time”.


And yet we see this all time, and still don’t see it

We enter an atmosphere without much care for its moldings

Maybe we should think about where we are going, what we are watching

who we hang out with, as we unknowingly create our day


By Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog





3 Replies to “Today’s Positive Poetry (So what am I trying to say?)”

  1. Brilliant and inspiring. This is how we should go about life. Hang out with the people you want to be, and if you can’t do that listen to songs that will lift you up, watch inspiring videos… They will help in changing the way you see things and think, your thoughts will become more positive, soon you will be emitting a higher frequency and those who align will come there way. You will attract those people and the things that you want like that.

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