Today’s Positive Poetry (When you realize you can have anything you want)

What do you do when you realize you can have anything you want?

You thank God and the Universe for everything that you have

You meditate often to handle all the good that comes your way

You become open to the beauty that is all around you

You lightly decide something is going to happen

And you don’t worry about exactly how it will occur

You allow the Universe take care of all the details

And now rest assured that it is on its way

You don’t even really care if it is going to happen

You remember that the secret is simply to let go

Before you know it, everything just comes into being

Your good came in even better than you expected

And you can’t believe your eyes, you are one with the whole world

Knowing everything occurred just to make your dreams come true

You talk to like minded people who say “this is how things work”

You get in your spiritual place, and see the magic miraculously unfold

You remind yourself to meditate more so you will only want what is best

You close your eyes and say to yourself that all is wonderful

You chant your mantra and let go of all the new things you want

You slip into the the place where all the magic can happen

When you come out, you say “I don’t chase anything

I follow the oneness, and behold all comes my way

I follow the instructions and signs that I am given

And walk forward into the sunlight as I enjoy my days”

Craig Kimbrough

for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Message (Wow We Really Are At The Beginning!)

In this new video I briefly explore a metaphysical concept. It doesn’t matter what has taken place in our lives we can literally begin to live out our book, our movie, our adventure,right here right now.  I hope you enjoy it.


Today’s Positive Poetry (I could see it so clearly)


I meditated because I had no choice

My problems were so big I had no idea what to do

As I went within I was practically begging for answers

It wasn’t just for me but for those who I love


This place that I entered had a melody playing

The sound was so magical it pulled me right into it

As I felt myself floating I saw the most beautiful things

New situations in quick glimpses, I felt incredibly good


With these visions I heard instructions on how to live the rest of my life

My deepest questions were being answered in the midst of feeling wonderful bliss

I was inspired to do big things I had been urged to do before

There was much more clarity in how to carry out my mission


This mission was the same one I had glimpses of years ago

How could living it out be the answers to my latest challenge?

I asked this question once I came out and sat there bewildered

But while I was in the higher place I could see it so clearly


Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog




Positive Thoughts for Bitsy’s family



From time to time people ask me to pray for them and their family.  What I usually will do is meditate on them and send positive thoughts their way.   I have found that this can be very powerful especially when it is done by more than just one person.

This time the request is coming from Bitsy my mom’s good friend in Tennessee.  Her family is going through a challenging time. One of the things we are hoping for is for her husband Mitchell who is sick and in  his nineties, be placed in the best possible nursing home for him and the family.

If you have a moment please join me in sending positive thoughts and wishes, and peace for Bitsy, Mitchell and the entire family.  Thank you



Today’s Positive Poetry (So what am I trying to say?)

Tell a person a lie often enough and it becomes their truth

Hear the same thing over and over and it starts to make sense

Keep singing the same song and the lyrics are sure to be with you

Hang out with robbers and thieves and soon help rob the bank


So what am trying to say?

The rich hang with the rich, and the poor hang with the poor

If you hang out with the saints, you will eventually become enlightened

Focus on the good, and more good comes your way


So what do we need to hear?

That there are many ways be in ones company

You can hang with them in the flesh, or read their books

You can watch them on television, and listen to their songs


You think about them, and bring them more into your world

Their ways of living and being soon become your own

You don’t even see it as the process is happening

It doesn’t even seem like work, we are creating all the time


Some of us create a catastrophe and say “How did this happen?”

Some of us see miracles because we expect them wherever we go

Then everyone says “You have great luck.

The lord must be with you.  He blesses you all the time”.


And yet we see this all time, and still don’t see it

We enter an atmosphere without much care for its moldings

Maybe we should think about where we are going, what we are watching

who we hang out with, as we unknowingly create our day


By Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog