Today’s Positive Reminder (Do Not Caste Pearls Before Swine)



n the bible Jesus said, “Do not caste pearls before swine.”  We cannot share our precious ideas or our newly found spiritual growth with those who do not understand.  If you do, they will make your new reality not real for you.  They will pull you back down to their level or to where you were before you started to have these beautiful dreams and experiences.

We have to be careful with whom we share our dreams, spiritual lessons, and growth.  We only want to share them with like minded people or people who are positive minded and nurturing towards the area in which we are trying to grow.


From the book Wise Words by Craig Kimbrough

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I love discovering the mysteries of God and The Universe. My goal is to allow as much of the infinite to come through as freely as possible as I live my life as a father, husband, son, brother friend, meditation teacher, writer, and business owner. I teach meditation, interpret dreams, write, and try to share as much as I learn along the way as possible.


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