Today’s Positive Thought (What does it mean If the groundhog sees his shadow?)

What does it mean if the groundhog sees his shadow?

Who is Punxsutawney Phil?

So what does it mean if it is six more weeks of winter?

Why all the hoopla and ceremony in search of an early spring?

If the ground hog sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of winter.  This also means no early spring. It means more dark skies and colder weather.  It means winter boots and coats, and warm weather wishes.

Puxatony Phil is the groundhog who predicts the weather. Legend has it that if he sees his shadow there will be 6 more weeks of winter.  If he does not. there will be an early spring. In reality Phil is actually you and me, being the prognosticator of our own lives. If we see our shadow, we are too focused on ourselves, and our petty hopes, cares and worries.  If this is the case, life is much more difficult, and will feel a lot like winter.

Six more weeks of winter, means more of the same.  Metaphorically, it means we are stuck in our lives, not open to change, or focused on giving.  We have to let go of our shadow selves.

The hoopla and ceremony is a reminder.  Move back into the oneness.  Forget about yourself, embrace the moment.give, and just be. If you can do this there is no time for noticing your shadow.  And what do you know? You are instantly where you want to be.

Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog

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  1. I’d never heard that legend, Craig. We have a similar belief in the UK based on whether it rains on St Swithun’s Day. Anyhow, the lesson you draw from it is spot on, and very skilfully expressed, as always. I love your blog 🙂

    1. Thank you Jan. I really enjoy your blog too.That’s funny I forget sometimes that we are reaching each other globally in many cases, and Groundhog Day may not be known everywhere. I have never heard of St Swithuns Day, but it sounds quite interesting. Thanks again. Peace and Blessings

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