Positive Poetry (This is no time for sleeping)

Sometimes it comes as just a hunch or a dream

Or someone telling us there’s something that we need to do

It can be in the daytime or the middle of the night

When it happens, often we are caught off guard


It can be very subtle

Like a secret message coming from on high

Other times we get this feeling

In that moment we know that we need to pay attention


At times it makes absolutely no sense

but does it really matter when strange knowledge comes?

These are the times we get that weird feeling

and for a just a minute, we know we are not alone


We may look around and wonder

“Just what is going on?

I can’t believe this is happening

And is happening just for me”


Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t

No don’t loose that feeling.  You are on the way home

Pay attention to that chill, and the way that you were feeling

Hold on tight to your message, and trust what comes


When the Universe speaks, this is no small thing

It’s your unknown destiny, the path to your dreams

Leading to wonderful things, or even saving your life!

Just which one it is, you might not yet know


A wonderful new business and an incredible way to serve

Or a change in course that avoids a terrible crash

A marvelous new adventure or the love of your life

This no time for sleeping, this is your chance



Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog

8 Replies to “Positive Poetry (This is no time for sleeping)”

  1. candidkay

    Love this–I call it kismet and am trying to continue to have faith it will happen. If I take care of the day to day, the Big Guy will take care of the road ahead . . .

  2. V.A. Farria

    Thank you Craig for Positive Poetry. I am receiving strange knowledge and looking around wondering what is happening. It’s a beautiful magical time in my life. I am grateful and humbled.

    Love, light and blessings


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