Poetry (I will not waste time)

I will not waste time trying to figure out where I am going

I will not waste time trying to avoid what may be next

I will make sure I embrace all contained within this moment

There is so much the moment is trying to tell me


I will not wast time trying to be important

For what they think of me does not matter and is not true

Even what I think of myself is wrong most of the time

How easy it is to forget that I am a reflection of the one


I will not waste time trying to find my true love

when I am in love with life my true love finds me

I won’t get lost when she comes knocking at my door

I remain focused as I enjoy all that comes my way


I will not waste time chasing after money

If I remain open money just comes my way

I will remember that my job is to serve

And will not be ashamed when it is time to collect my payment


I will not waste time worrying about anything in this life

I will remind myself of the harmony and all will come together

When my mind is at one and where it needs to be

I will not waste time, I will not waste time


Craig kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog




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  1. jen

    I enjoy your work so much! Thank you. God bless and continue to do what you love <3


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