Today’s Poetry (Lila)


Her name is Lila and she is so beautiful

You could say that she is the past time of the Lord

but you have to have eyes to see her

Or else her sweetness and beauty will easily pass you by


Some would say you are on the great playground

And now is the time to learn to enjoy the great game

But if you do not realize that it is  a game

How much fun are you truly having?


Maybe it is time to see what others do not see

Maybe it is my moment to be at one with the sun

Perhaps it is our time to dance in the rain

And party in the moonlight with Lila once again


Maybe it is time to run with the wind

meditating for strength and then running with the world

Maybe it is really time to hang out with my girl Lila

Transfixed by her beauty while I bask in her presence



Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog





This is no coincidence

This is no coincidence, my going through this challenge

It is leading me to something better if I can embrace the situation

Even though it seems impossible at this moment

There is an incredible answer that is right here with me

For this reason I am going to meditate

So I can become more open to where you are trying to lead me

I will let go of all ideas of what my solution may look like

and be thankful for this challenging situation

If it were not so challenging

I may not have ever become this open

but now I am so please show me the way

Once again I am thankful for you getting my attention

I can barely feel my body I am now in the zone

Maybe I was just being led to where I am at this moment

Maybe being here right now has already changed it all

What comes next can only be incredible

I remain open to the signs everywhere I go

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Question (Want a better tomorrow?)

Want a better tomorrow?  Focus on the growth and changes that need to happen in your world today.  If you can fully embrace the challenges of the moment, and be open to any changes that need to occur, tomorrow will take care of itself, and be quite beautiful.

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (The Flower Garden Within)

There once was a great flower garden, where many children were invited to come play.

Some got the invitation but were too busy for such nonsense

Others thought they heard their parents calling and chose not to enter

And a few entered into the garden, and they played and they played

The joy of this place is wonderful and unending

Any time spent here will surely change your life

There are no concerns here, only obstacles in the great game.

Hidden gifts of the garden to enjoy the great games

When you are in the garden everything is good

You can only marvel at the beauty, there are so many signs along the way.

All that you see here is what is wonderful and real

So when you return from the garden, this is when you play your part!

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

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