Today’s Positive Poetry (taking me to wonderful new places)

The Universe is taking me to new places

Places I would love to be, but was putting off going

It is funny how we put off the wonderful new place.

We avoid the work and changes, because our dream seems so far off

So the Universe gives us another chance

And destroys all comfort to help change our mind.

We soon find ourselves backed into a corner

A wonderful opportunity, if we can see the way

Seeing the way becomes the new objective

Following the way is harder, yet it is the key

Where are you trying to take me?

What ideas have I overlooked that can help me find the way?

I will follow wherever you lead me

I will meditate more to help remove my smaller self

This is my new way of life

The wonderful new places are already here in the midst of my changes


Craig Kimbrough (For Positive Guru Blog)



A page from Craig’s Journal (Remembering Why I am Here)

I was laying in the bed thinking when it came to me.  You are here to teach meditation.  It was said like this is your primary reason for being on this earth.  When it came to me, I could feel my attention at the top of my head like I had been meditating but I was not in the traditional sense.  I could also hear the inner sound or aum vibration ringing very loudly. Hearing this vibration is no small thing.  It means that your attention is in a higher place within and you at this moment are so in touch, that you are thinking and operating from the frequency of the Universe at the time.  For me teaching meditation meant so many things.  It meant helping people have peace of mind, helping people learn to get better in touch so they can find their place in life. It meant helping people get so connected with their deeper selves that they could acheive and accomplish their dreams. But ultimately it meant that they would be on the path of enlightenment, and realizing their oneness with everyone and every thing.

As I thought about this being my primary reason for being here, my helping others achieve this, all other concerns seemed to just fade away.  No more worries about how to deal with a particular customer with my gutter and window business.  There was no more concern with how I would be perceived for what I considered to be my mistakes or shortcomings.  No worries about where a particular relationship would go in my world.  I could see how to handle all things and at the same time not care of what others thought.  It was amazing.

Note:  To tell the truth I am not sure why I published this post.  All I know is that I got a sign to do so.  I hope it reaches whom ever is to get something out of it.

Peace and Blessings


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