Today’s Positive Poetry (Starting The Day Off Right,A Conversation between a student and teacher)

“I am so hyped right now. I have to tell you when I get up in the morning and work on my music first thing, my whole day is different. It’s like I am good for the whole day.”

“I understand. When you start the day off being who you really are, and gotten that out of your system so to speak, everything is just great. I have the same experience when I get up early in the morning meditate, and reflect. If I start writing in my new book, or do a blog post I can barely feel my body. This is the Universe telling me that this is what I should be doing. I also have learned that part of the key is to be lost in it without the concerns of the out come of your expression.”

“I agree. It’s like you have to let the Universe do it’s thing through you first thing, and then you can truly enjoy the rest of the day.”

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