Today’s Positive Question (What time is it?)

In the movie A Good Year, Max’s uncle Henry answers the question “what is the secret to comedy?” His answer is, the timing. Throughout the movie this was a big part of Max’s lesson and gift even, to do the right thing at the right time.

In the Legend of Bagger Vance, the wonderful mystic caddie Bagger explains to Harvey Greeves that same shot will play differently depending on the time of day and how the grass is laying, and the sun is going to determine how the grass lies. “It’s going to lay one way in the morning the other way in the afternoon. One way in the morning and the other way in the afternoon.”

Bagger also spoke on a particular club that Rannulph Junuh wanted to play. It turned out to be incredible for a particular shot earlier that day. But now he had a shot to play that was similar, but still quite different. Bagger told him “there’s a time use that club and a time to keep it in the bag. Which one of those times do you think this is?” Rannulph who was caught up on ego at the moment, chose to use that club anyway.  He then totally messed up that particular shot.

Life is a lot like comedy the secret is in the timing.  The question we have to ask ourselves at any given time is, What time is it now?  Is it time to leave or time to stay.  Time to fight or time to or time to compromise? Is it time to expand or downsize and place our time and energy on new endeavors? Is it time to focus make haste and get paid or time to relax.  Is it time to use that driving iron or leave it in the bag?

If we can pay attention to how the grass is laying, we can know exactly how to play the shot. If we listen to God and the Universe when we are clearly being talked to, we can easily follow the signs.   Don’t think you are not being talked to.  If you pay attention you can hear the words and see the signs.  Sometimes they come as a suggestion, other times they show up in situations along the way, sometimes we may even have to ask “how do you want me to be in this situation. If we meditate and let go, the signs seem to show up more clearly.  We will know what to do when and act accordingly. ”

And now he assesses his upcoming shot.  He swings beautifully, the ball lands and rolls right into the hole.  And the crowd cheers.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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