Today’s Positive Thought and Challenge (Method acting for your place in life)

Think about it. What does your character look like? How does he carry himself and go about his day? What kind of meals does he eat? What time does he […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (Starting The Day Off Right,A Conversation between a student and teacher)

“I am so hyped right now. I have to tell you when I get up in the morning and work on my music first thing, my whole day is different. […]

Today’s Positive Thought (We can be more than prepared for what lies ahead in this wonderful game we find ourselves in )

In the movie, “Sherlock Holmes, a Game of Shadows”, Sherlock is sitting on the ground meditating, just before he his about to be attacked by four men. In his mind, […]

Today’s Positive Thought and Dialogue With The Universe (This is what I will do)

I know that this is happening for a reason. So I guess I am asking, why is this happening? Where are you trying to take me? I know you are […]

Today’s Positive Question (What time is it?)

In the movie A Good Year, Max’s uncle Henry answers the question “what is the secret to comedy?” His answer is, the timing. Throughout the movie this was a big […]