Today’s Positive Poetry (Those Great Ones Have Many Ojas)

The ancients say that those great ones have many ojas.

And the more ojas you have the more spiritual you will be.

These ojas are a spiritual substance and are developed by meditation,

thoughts of the eternal and concentration on higher centers within

A person who has developed many ojas is not your average person

They will be be very balanced in their approach to the world.

They are quite considerate of others

And often what they want is taken care of without them even lifting a finger

You will find they are natural leaders

They may lead many or only a few

They may do so without even trying

When you are in their presence you feel uplifted

When you are around them you are so alive

and everything in life seems to make perfect sense

You will find that they are all attractive

So people love them and seek their presence

Some seek them for conversation, others for their atmosphere

Some see the wonder of their greatness while others just feel it

Some profit from their inspiration and go on to change their lives

Some understand their greatness but choose not to profit

Some even resent it, due to conflicts in their own lives

while the wise see their greatness and choose to follow suit

and develop this spiritual substance called the ojas

They become bright shining stars in the galaxy of life

Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog

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