Today’s Poetry (Why would I ever waste time with cares and worries?)

I once heard a wise man say
to never let your royal feet touch the ground

And if we step off the red carpet
we will soon lose the Midas touch

To walk on the red carpet
is no small thing

Its like being connected to the Universe
while everyone figures out the world

Trying to figure out the world
is such a crazy task

We often do this
when things are not going our way

We say “why are they doing this?
and I hope I get that”

and speak on what
we don’t want to have happen

If we continue on such a course
our fears will surely come about

In the meantime
the entire Universe is right here with us

If we can realize this
everything soon turns into to gold

In the meantime
walking on the red carpet is easy

you simply focus on what’s beautiful
and embrace what is

If you remain thankful
you will see good everywhere you go

What looks like a problem
becomes the greatest blessing

If you meditate and stay humble
all is in divine order

You learn to let go of ego
and pay attention to the signs

And it all seems to happen
without much effort

Everything you could ever want
soon comes your way

And you wonder
how could so much good show up so quickly?

But this is what happens
when you stick to the way

You get what you always wanted
and more than you could have ever imagined

People see you and they are bewildered
but is it really you that they see?

So why would I ever waste time
with cares and worries?

When I can keep my mind
on higher things

Why would I think about things
I don’t want to happen?

When I can meditate on the beautiful
and the good coming my way

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

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