Today’s Positive Thought (Use this moment to connect)

Every moment is another chance to connect with the eternal. Use this moment for that purpose. Whether it be by posing a question to God and the Universe and waiting for an answer, chanting a mantra throughout the day, or seeing yourself as the light and an instrument as you go about your tasks. Use this day, this moment to connect.

You can watch a movie that reminds you of a higher way of being. You can listen to an uplifting CD or MP3. You can take a quick moment for meditation. Constantly remind yourself “I am connecting, I am serving, I am being” as often as you can, this day.

Remind yourself to let go of accomplishment. Let go of winning, and proving. Let go of how you feel you have to be perceived. And by all means tell yourself “I am one, my purpose in this moment is to connect.”

Craig Kimbrough

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