Today’s Positive Poetry (Those Great Ones Have Many Ojas)

The ancients say that those great ones have many ojas. And the more ojas you have the more spiritual you will be. These ojas are a spiritual substance and are […]

Today’s Positive Question (When the entire Universe shows up and talks directly to you, are you going to take heed and listen?)

Last night my friend Aaron and I were sitting at the bar at J Alexanders and began to have a conversation with the lady next to us. During the conversation […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (Found my way)×320.jpg I no longer care what they think of me I am in the zone I just want to give and be the light The sound of enlightenment is blaring. […]

Today’s Positive Thought (Even if you need a million dollars go out and get it. Just remember to repeat your mantra)

Even if you need a million dollars, go out and get it. Just remember to repeat your mantra. As we are progressing on the spiritual path, we have to remember […]

Today’s Poetry (Why would I ever waste time with cares and worries?)

I once heard a wise man say to never let your royal feet touch the ground And if we step off the red carpet we will soon lose the Midas […]

Today’s Positive Thought (Use this moment to connect)

Every moment is another chance to connect with the eternal. Use this moment for that purpose. Whether it be by posing a question to God and the Universe and waiting […]